Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Massage Therapy

Nope she's totally not going for it, she doesn't think 15 lbs is reasonable either and she sees me almost naked.  As the massage proceeds she now is looking at me differently and does agree that in my buttocks/upper thigh area, there is some extra there that can go, do I dare show her my 30" waist.  Oh yes ladies, I wear my clothes well!

But she agrees with the goal and will be helping me as much as possible.  She worked hard at removing a nasty lump in my back and we stretched out the right hip and massaged the nasty ass psoas muscle.  I felt  sick and dizzy cause I had to pee during the psoas muscle massage, don't tell her, she's be pissed at me, I didn't want to interupt.  After this session this is how I felt, FU$$ing back, neck, psoas, hips, and hammies!  Today I truly felt like a wreck, she's gonna have her work cut out for her this fall/winter. 

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