Sunday, October 10, 2010


I thought I better update on what I have already altered in my diet.

The month of August I reduced carb intake significantly.  I know the controversy over crabs, I myself believe that you need carbs for brain and physical energy...however, having cut back on my exercise so much I figured I could reduce carbs to 20 to 30 grams per day and be fine. 
I suffered with severe headaches for about 3 weeks, I was hungry and yes I was a little spacey and tired.
This did not last though and in September the headaches were gone and so was the exhaustion and spaciness.  The most significant result was that my appetite was gone.  I usually have to remember to eat something and force myself to eat breakfast.

Now in October I have added fruits and oatmeal on some days.  I still do not eat breads, pastas or any commercially baked goods.  My stomach has shrunk so much that I am full eating 1/2 of what I used to eat in a meal.  I only eat dinner as a full meal, during the day I eat vegi's fruit and nuts and feel satisfied.

Yesterday, for instance, I did eat a lunch because I was home and able to cook.  I stir fried greens and mushrooms with lots of garlic using a very minimal amount of olive oil spray.  For dinner Marsha, Lexi and I made Chicken Yakisoba, I didn't eat the noodles but did eat the chicken and all of the yummy vegi's.

This morning I ate a small bowl of raspberries and strawberries with crushed walnuts and a tbsp of lite whipped cream and a cup of coffee.

Today for a lunch I will eat cherry tomatoes and avocado with tomato basil feta.

Not sure if Raw Vegan is gonna work for me, I like my feta and I love whipped cream with my fruit and coffee.  I don't want to make a set decision about that because I'm hoping it won't be necessary to go to such extremes.  I take one of the best multivitamins made and calcium by Melaleuca.

Again.....I want to go to the GYM!!!!!!  It's like I'm pulling away from a very strong force....what do I do with the energy that coffee gives me in the morning.  I'm scared that my body is suffering from not having cardio, how is this effecting my heart.  I am anxious and unsettled.  There has to be something I can do that will not "pump" my legs.  I can hit the bag and not kick it, I can do push ups and maybe fast walking.  I have to do something, I'm gonna dress and go downstairs, it's time to experiment on new ways to break a sweat! 

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  1. Mandy, have you tried yoga or cycling? I don't do either, but people SWEAR by them as good, low impact energy outlets, as well as not building muscle mass...

    You'll find something that will work...