Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Change, finally!

I haven't given up.  I have however changed my path.  I have been working on stretching out my hip flexors.  Holy CRAP, I'm tight and it's hard.  I spend 1 hour every 3rd day just stretching, yoga and core strengthening.  My first day, I cried, actually I bawled like a baby and I could barely walk up the stairs when I was finished.
I have been only running 1 mile and concentrating on my form.  There has been a change.  First of all my shoulders are looking more even and my left leg feels like it is hitting the ground more than usual.  YEAH!
Eating, I am now over my monthly curse and back on track.  I was 119 two weeks ago and am back to 125 already, after 10 days of eating A LOT of whatever I want, still healthy, although I added some mini candy bars, smarties and cherry pie to the daily routine.  I hate halloween!  damn!  No control at all during those 10 days, that's how it for me almost every other month.  I'm not angry or disappointed because of it, the first 6 lbs are very easy to lose, it's the remaining 7lbs I'm going to struggle with.  When I get back to running regularly I will have no problem losing the last 7, especially if I can get strong enuff to run daily.

So rather than focusing on my weight, (I will lose the last 6..again)  I will be focusing on stretching and core strengthening on a daily basis.  I cry every time, what is up with that....I will tell you in the next post.

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  1. Also, I'm starting to feel like a blog comment stalker, come to my blog and tell me what gives you the Heebie Jeebies! :)