Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Goal

First let's just say I have never been curious about blogging and have only read 1 blog ever, Jenny's, when she was trying lose weight after her son.  I thought it was an invasion of privacy whether it was encouraged by the blogger or not.

Having said that, I have decided that this new challenge that I am starting will take encouragement from my friends and family.

I struggled with my self image when I was in my 20's.  It took me so long to realize I was no longer going to weigh 97 lbs.  I worked out excessively, at first it was because I wanted to look good and stay looking good, it was all about how I looked to others.  I did make head turn and it was addicting.  After having Madelyn I lost the weight pretty easy and was starting be very satisfied with my body.  I gained almost 55 lbs with Reece and afterwards I could not get it off.  I wouldn't go to the grocery store for 6 months. I noticed that I wasn't getting the double take anymore, I was so sad.  But I kept up with my workout routine and finally after 18 months the weight started to melt off.

I did become obsessed with my routines, I still can't wake up in the morning without instantly thinking coffee and gym.  I have always worked out 8 or more hours a week.  It is part of who I am.  Fruits and vegis take up 80 percent of my diet, not because I feel I need to eat this way, because it is what I like and crave.  I do not count calories but I am very aware of what it is I am putting in my mouth and what benefit am I getting from eating it.

Since my girl's trip the first week in August I have not worked out more that 2 hrs per week, crazy!  I haven't had time to eat much or work out.  I am aware that I am working out less therefore burning less calories so I instantly stop consuming too many calories.  I have not weighed myself since just before the girls trip.  But at the beginning of August I was at 127lbs.

Goal:  I want to change my "normal weight"  I have been for 5 years.  I want to be about 112 lbs.  For 3 reason,first: to be able to run until I'm 80 years old, you do not see 80 year women with any extra muscle or fat running at that age for a reason.  2nd, to run faster for longer.  3rd, reduce pain in knees, back and hips.

How will I do this:  October thru January
I cease to do any leg lifts, presses or lunges.
I will cease to do 700 to 1000 core exercises a week
I will no longer run 20 miles per week average, I will not run for this period
I will cease to eat butter, oil or cheese or bread and try vegan (if I can stand it)
I will cease with my 1 day eating of irresponsibly
Increase stretching and yoga, without any strain to my legs at all

After this I will be down to 112 at least.  I will have strengthened my posture and changed my gait.
February thru March:  Retraining
Start running with my new gait that will allow longer and quicker strides.
I will run faster for as long as I can three times per week twice daily until I get up to 10 miles per day
Start working core daily
Start adding in more carbs to increase stamina.

After all this my goal is to be able to run 6:45 for 6.3 miles (10k) and start running 1/2 marathons 2011 season.


  1. Why can't ppl leave comments, they comment on FB that they are unable to comment...what is up?
    This is a test!

  2. I will test a comment too. Good luck, sweetie. Sorry that you had so much criticism, I know people don't understand you. I know first and foremost that you listen to your body, and will modify if it tells you something isn't good for it. I admire your dedication to goals in general. It's interesting what motivates each of us and it is so individual. Lawrence and I have a goal of being able to do the things we love when we are 60. Outdoor active things. And to have hot bodies that we are attracted to...after the kids are grown and we have more time to enjoy each other.

    Also - blogs are NOT an invasion of privacy, silly! They are a way to keep the people who love you, updated on your life happenings. Whatever you want to share. Plus it's a convenient way to write things down that you may forget tomorrow.

    Love you - AND PLEASE follow AND read my blog - you'll see lots of cutie pictures of those kiddos that you love, as well as have a place to look whenever you say "I wonder how she's been". I'm taking another FB break due to the time suckage! :)

    Blogs are like the BEST reality show. Someone is LETTING you read their journal. So do it! :)

    Can't wait to see you in just over a month!

    Commenters who don't have a Google/Gmail login, then need to Comment as: "Anonymous" and then leave their name on their comment like this.
    Love Jenny! :)

  3. You Jenny! Are a great friend, and I will be looking at your blog!!