Monday, October 18, 2010

PMS a force to reckon with.....

It is 6 days before I start and I cannot compete with hormones!!  I have ate like an oinker since yesterday.  I had lunch today with our Milgard Rep and ate WAYYYYY  to much!  The kids and I are making a haunted house made out of ginger cookies and candies, I want to knock it down and EAT IT!!

I knew my attitude would change during this time.  I just thought if I knew it was coming and I knew I was not allowed a cheat day that it would be ok.  BUT NO!!  My little PMS mind says to my normal healthy mind, "It's just 1 day off the wagon, no big deal.  It's just two days it's ok.  Hell you know what it's totally the season of eating, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Life is too short, eat what you want now and start again in January."  I wish I could stab that PMS bitch in the eye!

I think my PMS mind is going to win this round, I am going to still stay away from the sugar cause it gives me headaches, but if I want some damned toast with a little honey, I'm eating it!

We'll see if this is going to last or attitude today is that I totally agree with eating during the eating season.  SHIT!!  I am a strong women, I am a strong women, I am a strong women.

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  1. lol so funny and so true. Between PMS woman and sleep deprived woman, it's really hard to stay true to "real strong woman". :)