Monday, October 11, 2010

the therapists

I started seeing my first massage therapist when I was pregnant with Reece because he was huge and I was huge.  The weight I was carrying around was killing my hips and back.

I could only afford to see her every two weeks.  Just a routine relaxed massage.

After I had Reece I continued with the massages.  She noticed during one session that my left leg was about an inch shorter than my right leg.  She felt my spine, noticed that I have scoliosis and referred me to a physical therapist.

It took me 4 years to finally go see him...and it wasn't for scoliosis, it was for running.

It didn't take the PT long to notice that yes I have scoliosis, left leg shorter, twisted hips, 1 droopy shoulder and neck issues.  I started seeing him mainly because I was having knee pain when I was running, I wanted exercises to make me stronger so I can run more competetively.
I saw him for a whole summer, once a week, did all the exercises he prescribed and then I felt like we were running in place and not making much more progress after we ceased the knee pain.

I found Crystal over 18 months ago.  I didn't tell her any of the other prognosis.  I figured if she were good she could find stuff out on her own.  She did, immediatly.  You can always tell when the massage therapist finds stuff by the grunting and heavy breathing noises they make.  LOL! 
She found lots of calcium deposits on my right upper hip area, I forgot the technical term, but the area in which I suffer from pain daily.  She worked on stretching my left hip and massaging my whole body.  She told me I have over developed calves and under developed hamstrings. 
So I started seeing her regularly. 
She then referred me to Fred a very known therapist who uses hammers to pound out calcium deposits and uses a more effective (somewhat painful) method of therapy.  After 1 hour with him, I was sweating and not sure I would ever go again.  But the next day I felt so much better, I had more mobility in my hips and neck.   So I did see him again, the next time he spent the whole time on my neck, UCK!!!!
Crystal would check my knees to see how unlevel I was before most of the sessions.  I would come in lopsided and leave level.  FRUSTRATING!!! 
This last summer Crystal thought I should go see a chiropractor.  Now this was funny to me because I thought all massage therapist hated chiropractors and visa versa.  Not Crystal, she looks at the beyond and is not so close minded.  Love her!  
I went straight there, took x-rays and found that the scoliosis has been corrected, I will gladly take credit for myself and Crystal for that!  The x-ray also showed my hip, so not aligned...lame!  And to add some more bad news, I have a military neck, straight as an arrow.  No wonder my neck hurts! 
Crystal came to my second appt with the Chiro, they had a difference in opinion and Crystal was right.  It was strange to have them both talking about me like I wasn't in the room but so comforting to know how much they care and are trying so hard "fix" me. 
I was given several back and neck exercises and was adjusted every 3 weeks.  Again...weak back and weak hams.  I was also advised to not work out for a while and just stretch, I pulled a hammy that starts in my butt down to the back of my knee that has tightened up my right rear side so much that my flexibilty is soooo minimul.  Did I way, it was in the middle of running season!
So now that running season is over for us, I am going to compile new regime that excludes running, includes walking, stretching and hip strengthening. 

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  1. I've never heard that massage therapists and chiros don't see eye to eye. Mine work in the same building and my chiro prefers that I get messages before she adjusts so my muscles are looser. I know all this is frustrating, but good job, all this is working if the scoliosis is gone! YAY! Can't wait to hear what she says tomorrow.