Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weird Saturday

This is my first Saturday that I haven't worked out (when I am home) in forever!!
As usual it was instinct to just awake, coffee and go put on my work out gear.  Instead I got in the shower and was dressed and ready to do something before foreign.

I have two wonderful housekeepers to clean the house on Fridays so I didn't even have anything to clean!
I was supposed to go to Elgin to meet with a customer, I did that yesterday instead.

So I found myself at work, naturally!  I have to say I am actually bored....Madelyn and Reece have playdates over here and are entertaining themselves without my help.  Volleyball game in 1 hour and then dinner with Marsha, Adeya and Eva!  I can read for 1 hour!  YAY!

I have gone from working 6 to 7 days a week and working out in any spare time I have to ???.  I think I will enjoy this blog thing, I can talk to whoever wants to listen and just let it out, I can see how this could be a part of ppl's lives.

New Goal:  Now that I have all this time from not working out and working....I think I will observe my children and learn more about them.  This is so new to me, I am excited!  It is so strange not to be rushing all of the time, I can take my time, and I find I'm not yelling at my kids as much to move their hiney's!

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